Help and Advice

Help and Advice

We often get requests from new throwers, parents and supporters about where to find coaching support. If you email us (  click here  ) , we will do our best to assist. You may also to read the latest news about coaching from Malcolm Fenton Technical Throws Adviser , though at the moment this only applies to England. The note contains links to Regional Support: HERE

Please note attached the latest rule book, which came into force on     1st April 2016. The UKA rules have ben amalgamated with the IAAF Rules, but some rules have been kept, or amended by UKA.

The Throws rules start at page 127, and continue through until page 152.

Coach Insurance Guidelines
Please read this leaflet from England Athletics to check your cover, particularly if you are supervising weight training

Meeting permits
Please be aware of the need for T&F permits from the 1st January this year.  That's for everything, including local/club/trophy meetings that have not previously necessitated one. Here’s the link to the relevant section on UK Athletics :

 Results are still being submitted to Power Of Ten without a permit & whilst UKA are being lenient at the moment if full lists of qualified officials are supplied, a delay in the results being posted is almost definitely going to happen during the summer without them.

English Schools Under 15 Hammer

The Hammer Circle has been successful in influencing the ESAA to include the U15 Girls Hammer in the 2014 English Schools Athletic Association programme. The change was tabled by Lesley Eldridge from Humberside County Schools and supported by many of the other county school associations.

This is a great success and well done to Di and Paul for chasing the proposal from Chris Howe, though unfortunately Stephanie Howe will be too old to benefit from this change.

Another change to the U17 hammer with the use of the 3Kg weight has still not been announced although it seems likely this will be accepted as well.

For more information, click here

National Coach Mentor

Strength Progression
Written by Dave Smith

How Strong 
Written by Mike Winch

Quadrathlon Rules

The Snatch Balance & Overhead Squat

Hammer Research
Influence Of The Intensity Of Squat Exercises On The Subsequent Jump Performance
Written by Atsuki Fukutani, Seiichiro Takei, Kosuke Hirata, Naokazu Miyamoto, Hiroaki Kanehisa, And Yasuo Kawakami

Efficacy Of Potentiation Of Performance Through Overweight Implement Throws On Male And Female Collegiate And Elite Weight Throwers
Article In The Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research · September 2011

Training Of Technique And Specific Power In Throwing Events
By Dr. Klaus E. Bartonietz

Biomechanical Aspects Of the Performance Structure in Throwing Events
By Dr. Klaus E. Bartonietz

Link to Martin Bingisser’s well-written site . This has a whole host of helpful articles, as well as opinions about the coverage of hammer throwing. Includes articles by much-respected caoches such as Bondarchuk,Pfaff and Evely, as well as Martin himself. 

A paradoxical view to coaching
Written by Greg Gassner
An article that takes an alternative view to resolving a coaching problem 

Biomechanical Analysis of Throws with Different Weight and Length Hammers
Written by Dr Klaus Bartonietz
Biomechanical article printed in the Modern Athlete and Coach which covers the work and forces generated using differing weight and length hammers. 

Influence of Environmental Factors on Shot Put And Hammer Range
Written by Ferenc Mizera, Gabor Horvath
Biomechanical analysis on the Environmental effect on the Shot Put and Hammer Throw. Journal of Biomechanics 35 (2002)

Report on Hammer Seminar By Bondarchuk/Sedykh & Szombathley Training Center
Written by Harold Connolly
This report covers the observations by Hal Connolly during his attendance at a throwing seminar

Muscle Fiber Type Composition In Hammer Throwers
Written by Terzis, Spengos, Kavouras, Manta, Georgiadis
This study covers a detailed investigation in to the the muscle fibre type composition of Hammer Throwers. Printed by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine

Measurement of radius, curvature and speed of ball during the throw
Written by Murofushi, Sakurai, Umegaki, Koayashi
Study carried out to meassure range, curvature and speed of the hammer head during the throw. The model was based on the throws by Koji Murofushi

Analysis of Mens World Record
Written by Ralph Otto
This article covers the analysis of the Men's World record thrown by Yuriy Sedykh Photos by Gabriele Hommel

Biomechanical Analysis - Daegu 2011
Written by Isele, Lee & IAAF
Report covering the Biomechanical Analysis of the Hammer Throw at the 13th World Championships in Daegu 2011

Biomechanical Analysis - Hammer 2006 World Cup  
Written by V. Panoutsakopoulos
Study into the biomechanical analysis of the men's hammer throw in the Athens 2006 IAAF World Cup by Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos

Hammer Throwing - A Bondarchuk  
Written by A Bondarchuk
Translation of the Chapter on Hammer Throwing by Dr A Bondarchuk from "Text Book of Track and Field Athletics" 1982 . Published by Moscow Press
Chapter translated by R. Wagner and I Veltman 1986

Womens Hammer Throw
Written by Marwa Sakr
A study into the relationship between the hammer, the thrower and the related forces

Movement Analysis of the Hammer Throw
Written by Amy Jahner
An anatomical study of the hammer throw 

Reflections Of a Master 
Written by Dane Miller
An Interview with Dr Anatoly Bondarchuk covering his training philosophies and beliefs related to throwing the hammer.

Prediction of distance in Hammer Throwing
Written by Dapena, Davila & Soto
Study about predicted flight path of the hammer from modelling of the variables related to the throw.

Ascendance of American Hammer
Written by Harold Connolly
An article about the development of a group of young American hammer throwers 

Hammer Circle Construction

This document provides comprehensive instruction to build a concentric hammer discus circle that is suitable for both hammer and discus in wet and dry conditions. This specification has been used for the construction of the circles of the 2012 London Olympics.This surface is also suitable for shot circles
Specification for the construction of Hammer / Discus Concentric circles

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